Working Group: Mada Accessibility & AT Glossary

Mada’s Glossary is the first dictionary of its kind, which includes terms related to ICT accessibility and assistive technology (AT) in the Arabic language. The Glossary was developed to serve as a vital resource for capacity building within ICT services, accessibility, and assistive technology in Qatar and beyond. Mada’s Glossary is essential to educate professionals, researchers, and individuals interested in the basic terms used in these fields. It is considered one of the first initiatives to provide such resources in Arabic.

Coordinator: Dr. Achraf Othman, Mada Center, Qatar


Abdou Sidi Mohamed

Achraf Othman

Ahmed Abdelhady

Amara Mourad

Ammar Mohammed Ali Dawood Al-Salman

Dena Al-Thani

Haidar Safa

Hajer Chalghoumi

Hayat Khalil Hassan Nazar Heji

Iyad T M Abu Doush

Mohamed Jemni

Mohamed Koutheair Khribi

Mohammad Hussain AlMousawi

Mohsen Laabidi

Mounia Abik

Muhammad Ashkanani

Nabil Eid

Nabil El Maaroufi

Naser Mohamed Elmusrati

Noura J. Al-Ghurair

Osama Ali Ben Shaaban

Saeed Mubarak Al Ghannami

Shadi B K Diab

Shuaib Zahda

Waleed Ahmed Mahmoud Shoaib

Zainab AlMeraj

Last update: 27-April-2021