The Charter

1. Purpose

The Arab ICT Accessibility Expert Group “AIAEG” is created with the purpose to supporting the implementation of MADA projects and initiatives aiming at localizing and customizing digital Accessibility in Qatar, the Arab region, and beyond, as well as to discuss issues, challenges and potential solutions and innovations that meet the needs of persons with functional limitations (PFLs) – persons with disabilities (PWDs) and the elderly. When required, the AIAEG expert group also has the mandate to help and provide strategic advice, quality improvement and dynamic perspectives to MADA in the field of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) Accessibility and inclusive design.

2. Responsibility and role

The Arab ICT Accessibility Expert Group “AIAEG”, an initiative from Mada Center Qatar, has the mandate to participate in:

  • Localizing Digital Accessibility Standard to improve and ensure the access to information in Arab countries (e.g. WCAG (W3C Accessibility Guidelines) from W3C).
  • Creating and Developing Arabic Digital Accessibility Standards (topics)
  • Providing recommendations related to digital accessibility.
  • Upgrading MADA Arabic digital accessibility glossary
  • Discussing issues, challenges and potential solutions and innovations in the field ICT Accessibility through active participation in online and face-to-face meetings

3. Eligibility

The group is open for any expert from Arab countries or speaking Arabic language working in the field the digital accessibility. Participation from Academia, industry, research, and business domains is highly recommended.

Interested to join, please click on the following link.

Last update: 25-October-2021